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Local high school students build on their skills

A group of Murgon State High School students recently completed a TAFE at School course at TAFE Queensland’s Nurunderi campus, graduating with the confidence to nail trade careers in the future. 

Trae, Brewster and Jacob all chose the Certificate I in Construction (CPC10120) course due to their passion for ‘making things’.

“I love building stuff at home, so I wanted to do it at school too, and gain a certificate doing ‘tradie stuff’,” said Trae.

The Year 10 students had the opportunity to learn hands-on skills throughout the year, guided by industry-experienced TAFE Queensland Carpentry Teacher, Mick Scott, while constructing various projects from scratch including tables and a wishing well.

“I learnt a lot, had great times and made new mates, and it (construction) is a path towards what I want to do when I’m older,” Trae added.

Brewster has already enrolled in the TAFE at School Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation (AUR20720) course at TAFE Queensland’s Kingaroy campus in 2024, and Trae also wishes to continue in the ‘trades space’.

Classmate Jacob had some familiarity with TAFE at School, with his older sisters completing Certificates I Construction (CPC10120) and Certificate II Health Support Services (HLT23221), respectively, before him.

“They did it (TAFE at School) before me and it looked like fun. The teaching staff and equipment is good, and because Nurunderi is a small campus the teachers have got lots of time to talk with you, and answer questions you might have,” said Jacob.

TAFE Queensland’s Nurunderi Campus Coordinator, Tabitha Bleys, said it was great to see the region’s high school students taking up the opportunity to gain work-ready skills for future career opportunities in local industry.

“Across the state, more than 17,000 students choose to complete a TAFE at School course, and we’re seeing continued interest in the TAFE at School courses on offer in the South Burnett region,” said Ms Bleys.

“The TAFE at School program has been specifically designed to fit around students’ senior studies, with our hands-on, practical and industry-relevant training helping young people to graduate from high school job-ready.”

The Certificate I in Construction (CPC10120) course is a popular choice at the Nurunderi campus, with another cohort of TAFE at School students undertaking the program in 2024.

From left to right: Murgon State High School students Brewster Burfoot, Jacob Rattey, Trae Allport and Dallas Berlin with the wishing well they helped to construct throughout the course in 2023.