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Set for success

School holidays are over and you are ready to get back into your studies. Set yourself up for success with these helpful tips.

Getting back into the swing of a new term can take some time to re-adjust after your holidays. Here are some tips that will help ‘set you up for success’.

Did you know that 98.6% of students have some form of anxiety or stress relating to study? It’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed at times while you are juggling life, study, work and/ or family.

Learning types

Everyone learns and takes in information differently. There are four main learning styles including:

  • visual
  • auditory
  • reading/writing, or
  • kinaesthetic learner.

Having an understanding of the type of learner you are, can provide you with some great tips that can help you harness your learning potential.

Study space

Do you have a designated study space? It’s important to find a place that you dedicate to learning that is free of distractions and helps you feel focussed and productive.

You may notice that there are places that makes studying easier for you. For example, you might study better at home, in a specific room, at your local library on campus or there may be somewhere else you find is a good fit for you.

Once you have figured out a space that helps you study better, have a think about how you could make that space yours?
If you can, you might:

  • put your phone away somewhere safe so you don’t have any distractions
  • have a water bottle close by with some healthy snacks
  • put on some music either on speaker or on your headphones
  • open the window for some fresh air
  • light a candle or diffuse some focus or calming oils.

Study plan

Having an idea of when you are more productive and focussed, can help you put together a study plan.

We all work and study better at different times of the day, one way to set yourself up for success is to plan your study or learning around what suits you best.

Other ideas may include:

  • set time aside in your calendar for study
  • set reminders before assessments are due so you don’t have to run around at the last minute
  • create weekly or daily lists of what you want to achieve or do (you can access some TAFE Queensland planners or schedules online: monthly planner, weekly planner, weekly schedule).

Top tip: You can download a copy of the Academic Calendar here to help you plan your time and keep on top of school holidays and public holidays throughout the year.

Take short breaks

To help yourself stay productive and maintain your focus, taking regular short study breaks every 50 – 90 minutes can help reset and refresh your brain. This short break allows the brain to process what you wrote or read during that time.

You might:

  • move outdoors if you can and get some fresh air
  • stand up and shake your legs and arms
  • move around your space
  • fill up your water bottle or enjoy a healthy snack.

Most importantly, to set you up for success be kind to yourself. You are learning something new and a new skill, and that takes time.

Student support

There are many additional support options available if you require further assistance during your studies. You can check out the below links for further information on the support available at TAFE Queensland.