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TAFE Queensland a natural fit for Jade's nursing ambitions

At 25, Jade Anderson is already paving the way for a new era in healthcare. As a TAFE Queensland nursing student she’s on a mission to bridge cultures in the healthcare landscape. 

Raised in the Northern Territory, Jade’s formative years played a crucial role in shaping her identity and ambitions. She experienced firsthand the richness of Indigenous culture through community elders and traditional teachings.

“The connection to nature and the holistic approach to health and well-being deeply ingrained within Indigenous culture are not just parts of my identity but fuel my professional goals,” said Jade.

"I believe that Indigenous traditions offer invaluable wisdom for modern healthcare practices," she said.

Jade’s path towards nursing was ignited after administering life-saving CPR to a family friend at just 18-years-old and then a few years later assisting a miracle birth.

“These lifechanging moments highlighted the importance of nursing and solidified my determination to become a nurse. They also continue serve as constant reminders of the privilege and responsibility that come with being a nurse,” she said.

When selecting an educational institution to provide hands-on, real-world learning, TAFE Queensland's Diploma of Nursing was the clear choice for Jade.

“Recognising the importance of beginning my nursing journey with a solid educational grounding, TAFE Queensland emerged as the natural fit for me.”

“TAFE Queensland's Southport campus has facilities that mirror a real hospital environment, and my teachers are practicing nurses that share their wisdom and experiences.  Meanwhile the curriculum equips me with the practical skills and confidence necessary for success in my future endeavors.”

“Studying at TAFE Queensland is such an immersive and wonderful experience,” she said.

Upon completing the Diploma of Nursing, Jade secured a graduate position as an Enrolled Nurse, and will continue to study the Bachelor of Nursing through the TAFE Queensland pathway to become a Registered Nurse.

Her goal is not only to excel in her field but also to integrate Indigenous practices and wisdom into mainstream healthcare.

"My ultimate dream is to establish one of Australia's premier Indigenous birthing centers, where First Nations practices are harmoniously blended with Western medicine to deliver holistic care.”

"I am compelled to establish a clinic that prioritises compassionate, culturally sensitive healthcare."