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Taylor builds success from the desk to the worksite

Taylor Harris is a 27-year-old dynamo in the construction industry on the Gold Coast. Once a receptionist, now a carpenter in her fourth year, Taylor isn't just building structures—she’s building a legacy.

"It's a wild ride being a mature-aged apprentice, juggling massive bills and life’s responsibilities with the grind of carpentry work. But I love every tough, body-aching minute of it,” said Taylor.

After high school, she began her career as a receptionist at a building company, progressing to roles such as project coordinator and, with a nudge from a carpenter friend, she decided to dive headfirst into the trade herself.

“Back when I was in school, getting into a trade was viewed as a drop out career–nowadays that has changed a lot. Getting a trade was the best advice I ever got,” she said.

Employed by Coastal Building and Construction, Taylor attended TAFE Queensland’s Ashmore campus to complete her Certificate III in Carpentry and simultaneously earned a Certificate IV in Building and Construction.

"The facilities and the tool shop at the Ashmore campus are amazing and all the teachers are very knowledgeable, always willing to go above and beyond to ensure we understand the task at hand," she said.

Taylor's determination drives her to advocate for mature individuals and women, urging them to pursue apprenticeships if they share her passion for the trade.

"If someone knows that's what they really want to do, then there's no point in waiting," she said.

"Do your research and understand the trade you're interested in. Get some work experience on-site or complete the Certificate I in Construction to get a feel for it.”

Taylor isn't stopping at being a licensed carpenter. She’s aiming high - looking to gain supervisory experience, start her own building company, and maybe even become a TAFE teacher to pass on her passion and knowledge to the next generation.

So, if you’re stuck behind a desk dreaming of more, take a page from Taylor’s book. Break the mold, grab that hammer, and start building your own path to success.