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Current students

At the commencement of each unit of study your teacher will provide you with clear guidelines about how and when you will be assessed. Assessment methods can vary from course to course and may include a combination of written assignments, portfolios, presentations, practical activities, workplace activities, and examinations. 

Your responsibilities

As a student, there are a number of responsibilities you have when in comes to completing your assessments. The full rules and requirements for students in relations to assessment are outlined in the TAFE Queensland Student Rules.

In summary you must:

  • attend/participate in all scheduled assessments
  • submit assessments on or before the due date
  • follow all assessment instructions, including submission requirements
  • undertake assessments honestly without any form of cheating, plagiarism, or collusion
  • retain copes of all assessment for at least 14 days after you receive your final grade.

Completion of study

All assessments are required to be completed prior to the Completion of Study (COS) date for each unit as specified on your Confirmation of Enrolment.

Where the COS date has passed and any assessment requirement has not been completed you will be withdrawn from the unit and required to re-enrol and pay for the unit in the next study period.

Alternative assessment

If you have a diagnosed learning difficulty, disability, or other exception circumstance that may impact your ability to complete your assessment, you may be eligible to have the assessment adjusted to suit your needs. Please discuss this with your teacher if you think this applies to you.

Extensions and deferments

If you are unable to meet a scheduled assessment date you must submit a request for an extension a minimum of three working days, or as soon as the need for an extension becomes apparent, before the assessment due date. If an extension isn't suitable you may be able to defer the due date for your assessment to the following study period. Extensions and deferments are only granted in exceptional circumstances such as serious illness, injury, or a death in the family and must be supported by documentary evidence (e.g. medical certificate).

Speak to your teacher if you think you might need to apply for an extension or deferment.

Download a study planner to suit you

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