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Student Portal FAQs

To help you navigate the new TAFE Queensland Student Portal we've put together some handy answers to your frequently asked questions. Find out everything you need to know, from logging on and updating your details to viewing results and changing your enrolment. Whatever your question, we've got you covered with the answers you need to make your Student Portal experience easy.

Access and logging in

Please use the following link:

If you have the link but can’t log in on your own device, check you are using the correct username (your student ID) and password in the TAFE Queensland Single Sign-On page (pictured below).

To learn more and see how to log into your Student Portal on a computer or mobile phone, watch this video

Tafe QLD single sign on

Your username and password is the same as what you use to login to Connect or a TAFE Queensland computer on campus. You must use your TAFE Queensland nine-digit Student ID (as your username) and network password to log in via our Single Sign-On page.

If you follow these instructions, have studied with TAFE Queensland recently or are currently enrolled with us, and still cannot access the Student Portal, please contact TAFE Queensland on 1300 308 233 so we can assist you.

To learn more and see how to log into your Student Portal on a computer or mobile phone, watch this video

Tafe QLD single sign on

We are currently conducting a pilot of Student Self Service Enrolments.  This function is contained in the My Study tile.  Some of the Frequently Asked Questions may refer to the My Study tile - this is for students participating in the pilot.  The pilot is being conducted with different cohorts of students across TAFE Queensland.  If you are part of the pilot you will see the My Study tile.

All TAFE Queensland students can manage and reset their password via the TAFE Password Manager - Student Password reset (pictured below).

You can access this anytime using the Password Manager button on the TAFE Queensland Technical Support page, or the Password Manager link on the Connect login page (pictured below).

TQ password reset

Weak passwords leave your account vulnerable to access by others. Your password requires:

  • A minimum of 9 characters and maximum of 64 characters AND
  • characters from three of the following categories:
    • An uppercase letter (A-Z)
    • A lowercase letter (a-z)
    • A numeric character (0-9)
    • A special character (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/)


Please note:

  • Currency symbols such as the Euro (€) or British Pound (£) are not special characters for this policy setting.
  • Passwords cannot contain your Student ID Number/User Name or any part of your Name. 

Your password to access TAFE Queensland computers and systems (including the Student Portal) needs to be updated regularly for your security.

Please reset your password using the Password Manager (see FAQ above). Your new password can then be used for both the Student Portal and Connect.

Sometimes a temporary outage can cause issues that TAFE Queensland staff will need to report on your behalf. Contact us on 1300 308 233 so we can assist you.

If you close the browser you are using that will log you off the portal.  When you open the browser again and access the portal it will require you to log in again.

This is a feature of most internet browsers and TAFE Queensland’s authentication process.

Student Portal - 'Authentication Failed' 
If you (as a student) see the following message when attempting to log in to the Student Portal, please contact our customer service team on 1300 308 233. 

unable to login

Personal details, records and statements

You can update most of your contact details in the Student Portal - select the My Details tile on your Student Portal Homepage. See video Student Portal - Update your details for more information.

If you need to update your legal name simply complete the change of name form located in the Forms tile.

If you need to update your Residency/Citizenship status, TAFE Queensland staff can action this on your behalf, simply call us on 1300 308 233.

Please allow a 24 hour period for changes to your personal information (including name and email address) to update across our systems.

You can view your enrolments and results at any time through the My Overview tile in the Student Portal (pictured below). Some students who are a part of a pilot from selected courses and locations will also see a tile called My Study, which can also be used to view enrolments and results.

View results

If you are currently participating in the enrolment pilot you can generate your own Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) on demand. Do this from the My Study tile, by:

  • Selecting Request a report from the menu, and
  • Using the Request button next to Confirmation of Enrolment (pictured below).

If you do not have access to the My Study tile just yet TAFE Queensland staff can action this on your behalf,  simply call us on 1300 308 233

Watch the ‘How to’ video here: TAFE Queensland | Request a Report (Transcript/Statement/Confirmation of Enrolment) | Student Portal


Confirmation of enrolment

Select the My Details tile (pictured below) to see a list of previously generated documents available in your Student Portal.

My details

Anything available in the Documents menu with a Has Attachment flag can be viewed in the Student Portal as per the below image.

My details

Check your email address on your student record is correct and up to date.

If it is, also check your Junk/Spam folder just in case our email got blocked.

Sanctions in the SMS can be applied to your account for different reasons. Sanctions can act to place some options in Student Portal on hold until that sanction reason is resolved.

Sanctions can relate to different areas like:

  • Academic status
  • Financial balances
  • Funding options
  • Missing personal information (like your citizenship status or Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Any time a sanction is on your account and is preventing you from doing something (like enrolling or requesting a document), you can see what kind of sanction it is by:

  • Selecting your My Details tile (pictured below)
  • My details


  • Finding Sanctions in the menu on the left
  • Review what the sanction reason is (example below)

Please contact TAFE Queensland on 1300 308 233 and ask a staff member for advice on the simplest way you can resolve the sanction. Circumstances can vary for each person, and we can help by providing you with the best option to move forward.

My details

What does this mean? New TAFE terminology for students

You may notice in your My Study tile you have multiple courses listed. Study Plans are how we organise what you are studying with us. If you hear us refer to your Study Plan, it is a short way for us to describe how we will manage your course, the units under it, and the plan for how you will complete study.

In the example (pictured below), you can see that this student has a few courses, but only one they are currently studying.

Some of the statuses you might see for your courses are:

  • Admitted: This is the course you are currently studying
  • Withdrawn: A course with a unit or units that was being studied in the past - is not current study
  • Potentially complete: All the units have been enrolled into, but not everything has grades yet
  • Conditionally complete: TAFE Queensland needs to finalise administration tasks before awards/certificates can be sent out
  • Passed: A qualification or course that has been finished
  • Terminated: Not currently being studied and is not active. This is a historical record only. See FAQ What do I do about Terminated courses on my Portal?


My study

Units labelled as ‘Unscheduled’ are active and available to plan enrolment, but have not been planned yet. When they are, they will go into Study Periods which help arrange your study.

‘Planned’ units have already been arranged into the order of what you will study and when. 

See FAQ What are Study Periods? for more information.

Advanced Standing is the new term we use when talking about both Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If you have previous experience or have completed study in the past in the area you want to study now, and would like to see what counts, you can apply to us for Advanced Standing.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that provides you with an opportunity to receive credit for the formal and non-formal learning you have undertaken. Units with RPL are classified as ‘Exempt’ once your assessment is complete.
  • Credit Transfer is a process that provides you with credit for previous formal study that is equivalent to your nominated qualification. Units with Credit Transfer are classified as ‘Credited’ once your assessment is complete.

There is further information on our website if you would like to know more.


Fees and payments

View fees and payments: You can view outstanding transactions in the My Finances tile. Here you can see a list of closed transactions (incl. payments). However, you cannot use this screen as an official receipt for tax or other purposes.

Paying online in the Portal: When you make a payment in the Student Portal via BPOINT (MasterCard or Visa payments) a receipt is emailed out to your email address on record automatically (see video Student Portal - View and Pay Fees).

In person or over the phone: If you pay over the counter/via phone at a TAFE Queensland campus, staff can print/post you a receipt.

Payment Plans: If you are on a Payment Plan your account statement is your receipt.

Request a Statement: If you need a record of your payments for tax or other purposes, the My Study tile contains the link for you to Request a Report, including your own Statement of Account for the last 90 days. This provides a history of any course-specific financial transactions (includes tuition fees, materials and services fees and administrative fees). This will be sent directly to your preferred email.

For students that do not have access to the My Study tile just yet, simply call us on 1300 308 233 and TAFE Queensland staff can action this on your behalf.

You can pay any current or outstanding fees by Mastercard or Visa in the Student Portal. See video Student Portal – View and Pay Fees for more details.

Also at the bottom of the Statement of Account lists:

  • The BPay details for your account with TAFE Queensland
  • Australia Post payment details
  • Cheque/Money Order

If you need to make arrangements by Payment Plan or cash, come to one of our Customer Service Centres or contact us on 1300 308 223. You can confirm what campus is closest and/or what you need to bring with you to make payment arrangements.

Our fee allocation process runs overnight after close of business. Your payment will be allocated to your fees tonight. If you made a payment late at night after our overnight run, your payment will allocate the following night.

 There might be two different reasons for this:

  1. Did you select the 'back' button after the BPoint screen opened? Please check your bank account/card to confirm your balance has not changed, then complete the payment process from the start.
  2. You might have strong antivirus software that is preventing our system from loading the payment screen. Please enable cookies and try again.

If you enter your concession details in the Student Portal and you get a message that it has been declined, this could be because:

a. Your name in the SMS does not match the name on the concession card

Fix: Your name in the Student Portal is John Smith, but your concession has John J Smith. You need to contact us for assistance, or submit a Change of Name (TQ) form in the Portal (see video TAFE Queensland | Update your legal name and personal details | Student Portal).

b. There is a typo in your reference number or Expiry Date

Fix: Double-check the details you entered match your card exactly.

c. The link between TAFE Queensland and the database for validating concessions has an outage.

Fix: Contact TAFE Queensland on 1300 308 233 and ask a staff member to manually check and enter your concession for you in the system.

d. Your concession may not be active in the Department of Human Services/Centrelink or Veteran’s Affairs system.

Fix: If you have already contacted TAFE Queensland and they have confirmed that they also cannot validate your concession, contact the relevant department (Department of Human Services/Centrelink or Veteran’s Affairs) to check the status of your concession has not changed.

Factors like due dates for your eCAF (electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form) and study census dates can impact what fees you will see.

Contact TAFE Queensland on 1300 308 233 so a TAFE Queensland staff member can check your current status and assist you.


Units in your course are delivered in organised windows of time called Study Periods. These are used to help schedule Start and End dates for your unit delivery (including accessing resources and submitting assessment). Study Periods can be used to help you manage prerequisites for your course.

Units available under Study Periods may be:

  • Flexible for you to plan, choose and enrol yourself (unscheduled) or
  • Prearranged for you in a set order of delivery (scheduled and cannot be modified).

Not all units will be available in all Study Periods. You can check what will be available for you in the next Study Period by:

  1. Selecting your My Study tile
  2. Looking at Manage your course
  3. Selecting the Plan and Enrol button
  4. Selecting one of your units to show the unit preview - any Confirmed Study Period available for that unit is shown here.

See the video TAFE Queensland | How to Plan and Enrol | Student Portal for more details.

Check study periods

The Study Period Dates can be found just under the header of the Study Period column (pictured below). You can see these if you follow the following steps:

  1. Select the My Study tile
  2. Select the Plan and enrol button
  3. Look just under the Study Period description at the top of the column (see below).

If you don’t currently have any Study Periods and want to know how to plan and add them, see the video TAFE Queensland | How to Plan and Enrol | Student Portal for more details.

Study period dates

A preferred order of study document is available for TAFE Queensland Online courses. This can be viewed under the "need to know - important information' section on the course brochure. If you have multiple units to choose from and are still unsure what to enrol into, you can contact us on 1300 308 233 so we can assist you.

You will see an enrolment quote when you start your enrolment into your units. This quote shows the fee for each unit, and a total at the top (example pictured below).

If you have any queries or questions about the Enrolment Quote displayed in your Portal for your units, you can select the Cancel button at this point and contact us on 1300 308 233 so we can assist you.

Your units will remain planned on your Portal until you are happy to proceed.

Enrolment quote

It means there is more than one enrolment that matches your study. A staff member has already assigned the correct one for you. Please proceed with your enrolment. Changing this information could result in an enrolment error.

Please select the button and read the description under the unit heading. It will contain key information for your enrolment, like which group, intake or day/night classes you have to choose from. Select the option most relevant to your study. If you are still unsure, contact us on 1300 308 233.

My Tasks in the SMS can be either Mandatory or Recommended.

You can be prevented from proceeding with your enrolment if you have not responded to all Mandatory tasks. These will be clearly labelled.

Tasks you need to do will vary (depending on your course and funding eligibility).

You can respond to Tasks either before or while you enrol.

Tasks in the Portal can include:

  • Agreement to the latest version of the Terms and Conditions for study at TAFE Queensland (mandatory before enrolment)
  • Providing a response to the Centrelink concession eligibility check (enter this on the day you enrol if you have a current Healthcare or Pension Card that entitles you to a concession rate).

Examples of tasks that might be available when you enrol are pictured below.


Some students may have a Task in their Student Portal that relates to funding eligibility checks for certain courses. If you see this task, you need to answer the questions in order to proceed with your enrolment.

If you are no longer eligible for a specific funding type based on your responses, the SMS applies something called a sanction. This places a hold on you going any further with your enrolment for now. You will see the following message:

“You cannot enrol because you have an active sanction on your account.”

Contact us on 1300 308 233 if you believe you:

  • Are eligible but accidentally answered a question incorrectly, or
  • Are no longer eligible and need us to help you adjust your funding arrangements for your course.

A TAFE Queensland staff member can assist you to change your arrangements or reset the form so you can self-enrol in the Portal, depending on which scenario applies to you.

Cannot enrol

Withdrawals (drops and swaps) and extensions

Before the study period start date

You can withdraw and swap units through the Student Portal. You can access this under the My Study tile in the Withdraw From a Unit menu.

Note: Students with multiple courses in their My Study tile will need to select the Manage your Course button first.

Once you have chosen your course, you can see the Withdraw From a Unit menu option on the left-hand side of the screen. From here choose the unit/units to withdraw.



After the study period start date 

To withdraw from a unit after the start date, please contact TAFE Queensland on 1300 308 233 so we can assist you.

Before study period start date 

You can withdraw or swap units through the Student Portal. You can access this under the My Study tile in the Swap a Unit menu.

Note: If you have multiple courses in your My Study tile, you will need to select the Manage your Course button first.

Once you have chosen your course, you can see the Swap a Unit menu option on the left-hand side of the screen.

Change enrolment

After the study period start date 

To withdraw from a unit after the start date, please contact TAFE Queensland on 1300 308 233 so we can assist you.

If you need to ask for an extension we advise that you discuss this as early as possible with your teacher.

If you are a fully online student, you can view your teacher’s details in your Connect unit. If your teacher’s information is not under the Announcements on your unit homepage, check the Getting Started module in your Connect unit.

If you cannot locate the contact details for your teacher (such as a phone number or email address), please contact us on 1300 308 233 with your teacher’s name and we will put them or someone from the faculty in touch with you.

Learn more about extensions by viewing the TAFE Queensland student rules.

Applying to study with TAFE Queensland via the portal

If you skip responding to questions in an application to study with TAFE Queensland, your application will take longer for our staff to review and process. Our staff may need to contact you for this information before we can progress your application, so the more information you can provide up-front, the better.

If you have all your information and required documentation and evidence handy, filling out an application to study with TAFE Queensland should normally take around 5 – 10 minutes. You can always start your responses and return to your application later if you are interrupted or need to leave the Portal to find and check information – just remember to save as you go.

Some TAFE Queensland courses and locations are currently a part of a Pilot that enables existing and prospective students to enter details into an application to study in certain courses, skill sets or micro-credentials.

Everyone with Student Portal access can now see a tile called ‘My Applications’.

If you are contacted by a TAFE Queensland staff member and are told that you have an application ‘In Progress’ in your Student Portal, access it via the expanded My Applications tile, in the In Progress tab (pictured below).

My applications

Students who are currently studying with us do not need to submit an application to continue study in their current course.

If you are planning further study with TAFE Queensland, you are welcome to search for options through your Portal.

If you are currently looking for course options via the ‘My Applications’ tile, but see no search results for your desired study area at present, this is because only courses that are a part of the Pilot are visible. Please contact our friendly staff on 1300 308 233 or through WebChat (LiveChat) on the TAFE Queensland official site – one of our staff can assist you in commencing the Application process for your future study with us.

When you apply to study with us, we need to you add information that includes (but is not limited to) proof of your identity, residency status and previous study. Adding clearly visible copies of this documentation via your Student Portal saves you physical a trip to one of our campuses. When you apply in person, our staff would personally view and record your evidence on your behalf, so you would go to one of our locations with a folder of your personal documents. The ‘My Applications’ tile streamlines this for you so you can complete this requirement from the comfort of your own home.

Adding documents as file attachments

You can add documents to your application using either:

  • Scanned copies of your personal documents that you already have saved on your computer, OR
  • Capture a copy of your documents using the built-in camera on your mobile device (tablet or phone).

We accept all common file types including but not limited to:

  • .PDFs,
  • .DOCX

We also accept image file types like:

  • .PNG,
  • .JPG and
  • .TIFF

Check out the video TAFE Queensland | Add File Attachments Using a Computer or Mobile | Student Portal for more information.

File size recommendations

There is no size limit for files, but larger files will upload more slowly and may time out. Uploading large files may result in data charges if you are on a metered internet connection. Ideally, any document as file attachments should be between 0.5-5 MB (no larger than 15MB) per file.

Helpful tips when adding documents to your Student Portal:

Make sure any documents your upload (photo or scanned copy) are:

  • Clear and easy to read (make sure it is in focus if you are using a camera)
  • Submit documentation in good quality resolution (where possible in colour)
  • Complete documents are required - no information or pages should be cropped/cut off
  • Official identification documents (like a Licence) must be current and in date (not expired)
  • Official copies of your results must include the details of the institution (header and footer).

We can accept academic transcripts and information downloaded from the  official USI (Unique Student Identifier) website.

If your documents are in a foreign language, you must submit copies of the document in the original language and a full, official translation into English.

Do not submit extract translations, as these are not accepted.

Once you have submitted or finished your application, one of our friendly customer service staff will assess your application and contact you in approximately three business days to advise you of the outcome. You can also view the status of your application in the Student Portal.

To view the potential course cost please refer to the TAFE Queensland course brochure on our website. You will be provided with a more detailed quote upon enrolment for the specific units you are enrolling into. Once you are enrolled, fee payment can be made in your Portal through your ‘My Finances’ tile. See the FAQ section Fees and Payments for further information.

After your offer is accepted, your access to enrol is generated after a window of approximately 10 minutes. If you are unable to self-enrol after this time, please contact our friendly staff on 1300 308 233 for assistance.

Please contact us on 1300 308 233 and we can amend your course application on your behalf.

Please contact us on 1300 308 233 to advise you wish to cancel your application. We will take care of this for you. Once your application has been cancelled, you will see the status change in the ‘My Applications’ tile in your Student Portal.

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