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Everything you want to know about TAFE at School: a Guide for Parents

Not everyone learns in the same way or at the same pace. With TAFE at School you can find the right study and career pathways to suit your teenager's needs.

If your teenager wants to enter a trade, test out an industry, get a head start on their career, gain Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) credits, or improve their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) they can do all this through TAFE at School.

About TAFE at School

If your teenager is in Year 10, 11 or 12, they may be able to complete a nationally-recognised qualification (or two) with TAFE Queensland before they finish school. They can choose from a variety of courses across a range of study areas from hospitality to horticulture, early childhood education to engineering, and everything in between.

If your teen needs additional credits to receive their QCE, a TAFE at School course can contribute. At a certificate III level and above they can also help improve your child's ATAR and open up more university pathways.

How it works

TAFE at School fits in with your teenager's existing high school studies with their TAFE at School course generally replacing a senior schooling subject. Your teenager will attend TAFE one day per week for a year, as well as completing some additional study in their own time.

Many courses across the state have two intakes a year, so your teen might be able to start in January or July. If they start in July of Year 10, they could finish their course and start a second mid way through Year 11. If they finish their second course in 12 months, they'll have two qualifications mid way through Year 12 and can spend the last six months of high school focusing on their final assessments. 

Career and study pathway options

With more than 50 courses available, TAFE at School is a great way for your teenager to get a head start on their career.

Direct entry to TAFE Queensland diplomas and university pathways

Completing a TAFE at School qualification gives your teenager direct entry into any related TAFE Queensland course. If they go on to complete a diploma, not only will their TAFE at School course give them credit and reduce study time and costs, our partnerships with universities will guarantee them a place in a related bachelor degree.

If your teen does decide to continue their studies at university they may receive credit for their study at TAFE Queensland. That means they can receive a diploma and a degree in the same amount of time it usually takes to complete a degree alone.

Learn more about university pathways > 

Try or start a trade

If your teenager is considering getting a trade qualification, they can complete a school-based apprenticeship and get a head start on their training while still at school.

Alternatively they can test out an industry they might be interested in or try a pre-apprenticeship TAFE at School course to help them secure an apprenticeship once they finish school.

Experience different industries

Even if your teen isn't sure what they want to do, TAFE at School is a great way to test drive different industries to see what they enjoy. Then they can hit the ground running with clearer goals when they finish Year 12.

Real-world skills and experiences

A TAFE at School course will give your teenager valuable industry experience and hands-on skills — things they may not develop during a standard school experience.

TAFE at School courses are offered at TAFE Queensland campuses and select schools. Studying at TAFE Queensland gives your teen access to some of the best training facilities in the state, including industry-standard workspaces and classrooms.

Many schools have also partnered with TAFE Queensland with their teachers receiving specialised training to deliver vocational qualifications in your teen's school. Even if they complete their course at school your teen will still receive the same TAFE Queensland qualification.

Costs and payment options

TAFE at School costs vary depending on the course and qualification level. Visit our website to search our full range of TAFE at School courses and view their fees.

More about costs and payment options > 

VETiS funding

Vocational education and training (VET) in schools (VETiS) funding covers courses listed on the Queensland Government's Priority Skills List at a certificate I and II level. 

That means if your teenager decides to study a nationally-recognised qualification at TAFE Queensland as part of their senior studies, their first certificate I or II course may be eligible for substantially reduced or, in some cases, no tuition fees at all.

Other options

Eligible students may be able to access a range of other independent and government funding to help subsidise the cost of their training.

You may also be able to access a payment plan to help pay your teen's course fees, or they may even be eligible for a VET Student Loan for diploma-level courses. 

Help your teenager get more out of high school with a TAFE at School course.