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A journey of compassion | Elise's path to community service

A tale of strength and empathy is unfolding through the journey of Elise Fletcher, who with the help of TAFE Queensland is pursuing a career in community services.

The 19-year-old’s life has been marked by challenges. Her parents' divorce during her primary school years led to a period of adjusting to a new family dynamic, moving homes, and changing schools.

“The divorce created a lack of consistency that impacted my education and well-being,” said Miss Fletcher.

Eventually during Elise’s senior year of high school everything took a toll and her own determination to excel in all aspects of life put unnecessary pressure on the young teen.

However, Elise’s resilience and compassionate nature allowed her to rise above these challenges and she began to shape her own future.

“My pursuit of greatness began to effect my mental health and the stress pushed me to eventually burnout, so I made the decision to shift from an ATAR pathway to a non-ATAR pathway,” she said.

“It was the best decision as it took a lot off my plate and allowed me to complete a Certificate II in Community Services (CHC22015) through TAFE Queensland while simultaneously completing high school.”

Elise said studying at TAFE Queensland opened up so many opportunities to further a career in the community services sector while reaffirming her passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

Having completed the Certificate II in Community Services (CHC22015) at the Southport campus, Elise is now furthering her education with direct entry into the Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015 | 091776J ) and is gaining hands-on experience with placement at a high school, where she provides vital support to struggling teenagers.

“TAFE Queensland has provided me with a gateway to a career making a real impact on the lives of the vulnerable, whether they are young, disabled, or elderly,” she said.

TAFE Queensland Community Services Educational Team Leader, Sharon Munn said Elise's personality is a perfect fit for a role in the community services sector.

“Her compassion, empathy, kindness, and patience are qualities that make her not only an effective helper but also someone who can genuinely connect with the individuals she seeks to assist,” said Ms Munn.

“Her relatively young age is an advantage, allowing her to relate to the struggles of children and teenagers on a personal level”.

For those considering a journey into the world of community services, Elise suggests TAFE Queensland, especially to those who have a passion for helping others.

“Whether you’re unsure of your exact career path or have a clear goal in mind. The TAFE Queensland Community Services course provides a solid foundation for anyone who wants to contribute positively to society,” said Elise.

“I strongly recommend studying at TAFE while still in school, particularly for those not pursuing an ATAR pathway. The experience offers a taste of a potential future career and makes the transition to further education a lot smoother.”

Elise envisions a future where she continues to change lives and after completing her current diploma, she plans to secure an entry-level position in youth work and go on to study a bachelor.

“My ultimate goal is to obtain a Bachelor's degree in child, youth and family practise at Griffith University which aligns with everything I have learnt at TAFE Queensland.”