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Fast and affordable professional development.

You may have heard the term micro-credential before, but they can also be known as online certifications, online short courses, nanodegrees or digital badges. Whatever you call them, these mini courses offer bite-sized training for busy professionals looking to refresh and update their skills and progress their career.


Micro-credentials explained

Micro-credentials are designed to help you develop your skills, demonstrate your capability to the world, and give you an edge in an increasingly competitive job market. Developed with employment and career progression in mind, our micro-credential courses will ensure you always have the right skills at the right time.

Industry recognised micro-credentials

Quickly and easily develop the skills you need to launch, progress or pivot your career with an industry-recognised micro-credential. These courses are all offered online and delivered to a scheduled timetable. You'll participate in learning activities via an online virtual classroom guided by a teacher.

Self-paced micro-credentials

With our range of free, online, fully self-paced micro-credentials you can learn when and where it suits you. These bite-sized courses are designed for anyone looking to gain a new skill to add to their resume, or those wanting to take the first step towards restarting or reinventing their career. Because these courses are self paced you can enrol directly — simply click 'enrol now' and provide your details to get started.

As companies embrace digital transformation, the need for digital literacy is increasingly becoming a fundamental requirement for career success.

This course provides an introduction to modern digital technologies, software and popular social media platforms that are currently in use across many careers and industries. It also explores pathways for learning and ways to keep current with rapid advances in technology in today's modern world.



In today's increasingly digital world, cyber security is seen as one of the biggest risks to organisational safety. With almost every business having an online presence, no industry is exempt from this growing threat. 

This course provides an introduction to cyber security, what the various risks for staff and businesses are, and what you can do to ensure your personal and organisational information is secure.



Being able to clearly and effectively communicate with colleagues over diverse, dispersed and dynamic organisational structures and environments is more important than ever before. 

This course explores some of the most popular digital communication technologies and software used by industry today and how you can use these tools to help improve productivity and collaboration in any workplace. 



Digital data has the capacity to change the way we live and work. The amount of personal data that individuals increasingly provide to organisations is already having a significant impact on our everyday lives. 

This course will give you an introduction to data helping you understand what data is, how leading businesses are using data to make informed business decisions, and where the future of digital data is heading. 


The importance of ensuring that data is secure has never been more essential to personal and organisational risk management.

This course introduces you to the importance of safeguarding your individual data as well as how to use data within an organisational environment. You'll develop an understanding of the risks involved in supplying and storing data, how data is used, and what you need to know to ensure data security is not compromised.


As the world around us continues to move at an ever faster pace, data analysis is proving to be an increasingly important business skill.

This course will provide you with an introduction to data analysis and explain why it's such a useful tool in providing insights into trends, forecasts and analytics. You'll learn how to use data analysis to provide meaningful, accurate and relevant information to underpin evidence-based decision making.


Professional development courses

In additional to our range of micro-credentials TAFE Queensland also offers a number of other professional development training options including short courses, accredited skill sets, and online courses.

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