Sunkirsten is a virtual campus and town designed for community services students to participate in formal classes, informal study groups, socialising, and a range of simulated activities.

How it works

Sunkirsten gives students opportunities to connect in similar ways to the real world via avatars. It provides community services students a rich, holistic learning experience to complement their real-life vocational placement and course learning materials.

Download Getting started guide (PDF, 3MB)

The Sunkirsten world

To participate, students create avatars and attend an orientation week and tours in the virtual world. This is followed with weekly virtual classes involving lectures, discussions, handouts, and a range of web-based and audio-visual resources.

Download student participation agreement (PDF, 780KB)

Practice new skills

Under the supervision of a teacher avatar, students practice a range of skills that will prepare them to work in various roles at the New Horizons Community Centre — the virtual community centre in Sunkirsten.

Download student fact sheet (PDF, 1.7MB)

New Horizons Community Centre

Students get the valuable opportunity to put their skills into practice in a safe and supportive environment working at New Horizons as community workers. Using a range of role-play avatars they also have the chance to participate in different roles such as client and observer, providing valuable feedback to their peers.


News and events

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