Back to Work

Back to Work Teams are based throughout Queensland to support both employers and jobseekers locally. Teams include an Employer Officer, a Jobseeker Officer and in some regions a Youth Jobseeker Officer (North Queensland and Far North Queensland only). These teams work in collaboration with employers, service providers and community representatives to assist in building regional employment solutions that meet both current and emerging local needs.

Back to Work Jobseeker Officers

  • Provide independent advice on career and training opportunities
  • Find training that is linked to real jobs in the region
  • Get career advice that helps them to find a job that suits them
  • Help jobseekers to determine their individual skills, as well as services and support that may be of assistance

Career and Training Assessment

Jobseeker Officers can undertake Career and Training Assessments which assess an individual’s eligibility for subsidised training and recommend a training pathway that aligns with an appropriate employment opportunity.

As part of the Career and Training Assessment, Jobseeker Officers also have the ability to give eligible individuals access to Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost funding.


Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost Funding

Back to Work Jobseeker Officers will assess a jobseeker’s existing qualifications, potential training needs and refer individuals to a subsidised training opportunity if applicable. If the Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost is not the right opportunity then other options can be explored for the individual.

If you would like to speak with a Jobseeker Officer in your area, complete the online application form by following the instructions below and a Jobseeker Officer will give you a call to discuss your individualised options.

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