The key to a successful career is choosing to not only do something you're good at, but something you love. There's a lot of noise out there about different careers, pathways and outcomes, and making smart choices can be confusing.

The Discover My Career tool was specifically designed to help you narrow down all the different variables so you can feel confident in your decisions. Since its creation almost 30 years ago, this tool has proven to be 85 to 90 per cent accurate.

How it works

You will complete an online questionnaire that measure 175 characteristics such as work values, work environment and interpersonal preferences. This will create an accurate and personalised profile of you and the best career options that would suit your personality, and your learning and doing style.

Your results are mapped against more than 1,000 Australian careers and sorted against education levels from certificates to doctorates. You'll see your profile ranked against each option according to what you might like or dislike about a career.

The Discover My Career tool doesn't just provide a career report. It presents a wide range of careers and pathways you might never have been aware of, and empowers you to make strategic and informed decisions about your future.

What you get

Once you have completed the questionnaire you will receive four detailed reports.


Career options

This report ranks a list of careers that are best suited to you based on the preferences you select during the questionnaire. You'll also receive information about the different training and education requirements for different careers that suit you.


Greatest strengths

Your greatest strengths report will give you a deep dive analysis of your greatest work-related strengths. From this report you will gain greater clarity about what you're good at, and where your future potential lies.


Career development

Review data on your task preferences, interests, preferred work environment, interpersonal skills, motivation, decision-making skills, and leadership style, to gain a detailed understanding of how your behaviour influences your preferences.


Career comparison

In this report you will have the option to select up to ten careers from a list of approximately 1,000 so you can compare different career options and narrow down the best options for your future career path.

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There is a cost of $33 (incl. GST) to access the assessment platform.

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