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Beginning in Bees

Non-accredited Short Course

Is beekeeping for you? Already have bees? What you need to know, discover, and improve can be found here in this 2 day short course.

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NEXT INTAKE On campus: Robina Start date: 11 Feb 2023 Duration: 2 weeks
Full Fee

Course overview

This course is Part 1 of our Complete Beekeeping bundle.

This course is designed to give the would-be or novice beekeeper the knowledge, skills, and confidence to keep and manage a colony of Honey bees.You will gain knowledge and learn practical skills to guide you in Best Practice beekeeping whatever method you choose or practice be it Langstroth, Flowhive, Top Bar or Warre. This course is conducted by a Qualified and experienced Beekeeping Educator with years of experience in the Beekeeping Industry.

This course and our other beekeeping topics on offer, are an investment in your bees, the environment, and your own ability to get the most from your beekeeping experience.

We have a range of Bee Keeping courses available, make sure you check them out!

This course includes practical work with live honey bees-

During lesson 2 there will be an excursion & tour to an operating commercial Apiary. Details will be provided to students in the first lesson. Students will need to provide their own transport to and from this local Apiary.

Topics covered:

  • identify health and safety hazards, risks and apply appropriate controls
  • select, check, fit and use appropriate (PPE)
  • select and check appropriate tools and equipment
  • comply with hive quarantine and biosecurity requirements
  • assessment of weather and other factors to minimise the risk of robbing and stress to bees
  • working from a safe position using smoker, tools and equipment to move, open and dismantle a hive according to workplace procedures
  • ensure hive components are kept clean and dirt free
  • replacement of hive components, brood, and hive reassembly according to workplace procedures
  • confirm work activity with supervisor
  • identify and confirm that the conditions are appropriate for using a bee smoker
  • check bee smoker equipment is available and serviceable
  • identify hazards and risks, use PPE and safe work practices to minimise risk
  • ensure fire prevention procedures are carried out
  • anticipate defensive behaviour of bees and monitor and apply smoke to control bee behaviour
  • select suitable fuel, ignite and keep functional and alight while carrying out bee husbandry tasks
  • used and shut down bee smoker safely after completing operations according to regulations/workplace fire prevention procedures

Course outcome:

Statement of Participation

Ways to study
11 Feb 2023
2 weeks
9.00am - 4.00pm Sessions will be in classroom with excursions off site.
  • Full fee: $170

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Beginning in Bees (NONAC05020)

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Beginning in Bees

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Important Information

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Resources required
  • Pen and paper for note taking.
  • BYO lunch.
  • If you have one, bring your bee suit, however basic PPE will be provided.
  • If anaphylactic, please bring your Epipen and health management plan.
  • This course includes practical work with live honey bees-

During this course there will be an excursion & tour to an operating commercial Apiary. Details will be provided to students in the first lesson.
Students will need to provide their own transport to and from this local Apiary.

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Course Disclaimer

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