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Once you have selected your course and study location, it's time to get your application underway. Follow the below steps to submit your application to TAFE Queensland as an international student.

Please note: An international student is defined as anyone who is not an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or a New Zealand citizen. If you're not classed as an international student, visit the domestic How to apply page to see how you can apply as a domestic student.

1. Review admission criteria and key dates

Make sure you review and understand all the details relevant to you under:

2. Prepare your certified supporting documents and Statement of Purpose

You must provide certified copies of key personal documentation translated into English. The Statement of Purpose is an introductory essay that supports your application. Please provide certified copies of your:

  • passport
  • educational certificate and academic records
  • English language test results
  • evidence of employment history (if applicable).

3. Submit your application

Submit your application and supporting documents through the online application portal, or if you are from any of the following countries you must submit your application through one of TAFE Queensland’s registered agents.

4. Receive your Letter of Offer

If we approve your application, you will receive a Letter of Offer from TAFE Queensland.

5. Accept and pay for your offer

To move forward with your application, you will need to formally accept and pay for your offer. Please note there is an expiry date for acceptance. 

Our preferred payment method is telegraphic transfer or credit card using Western Union Global Pay for Students.

6. Receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

When your tuition fees and OSHC payments have been finalised, we will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment. You will need this to lodge your visa application.

7. Apply for your visa

Depending on your country of origin, you can apply for your visa online, or via a TAFE Queensland registered agent.

8. Book your flights

Once your visa is approved, you can book your flights to Queensland. We look forward to welcoming you to TAFE Queensland at your orientation session. Check out the pre-departure information to make sure you have everything organised before your arrival.

Underage students

International student visa applicants under the age of 18 will only be accepted where they demonstrate that they will be accompanied by a parent, legal custodian or a suitable relative who is aged 21 or over. For more information visit Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.