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Training first to deliver skilled workers to e-scooter industry

TAFE Queensland has partnered with Beam Mobility to develop and deliver Australia's first accredited training for the micromobility industry.

Beam Mobility, Australia’s largest e-mobility provider, known for their iconic purple rental electric scooters (e-scooters) and electric bikes (e-bikes), has partnered with TAFE Queensland to develop industry-leading training in the service and repair of e-mobility vehicles in Australia.

TAFE Queensland – SkillsTech Acting General Manager Stephen Gates said this partnership and others like it are key to the provider’s ability to continue preparing Queenslanders for the jobs of the future.

“At TAFE Queensland we put a large focus on industry engagement and partnering with industry leaders to identify skills gaps and implement training needs. Beam will help give an insight into the growing industry of e-mobility vehicles in Queensland and show us the expectations for workers within this industry,” Mr Gates said.

Beam Mobility South East Queensland Operations Manager Andrew Dodd said with the industry estimated to generate up to $90 billion globally by 2030, the training partnership will lead the way and provide a pipeline of skilled workers to service this growing industry in Australia, where the number of shared e-mobility vehicles have risen to 20,000 in the four years since their introduction.

“Beam was one of the first shared micromobility operators in the country, and therefore built our workforce from scratch, with no qualifications specifically tailored to the needs of the very new micromobility industry,” Mr Dodd said.

“It has become evident now that micromobility is here to stay, and hence important that we develop training and development for local talent to support the industry’s growth, and the positive impact it is making on sustainable future transportation.”

“Partnering with TAFE Queensland is an opportunity for us to set best practice for the micromobility industry, and sees the beginning of our long term goal of creating a qualification and career path for future workers within our business, and for the wider shared industry,” he said.

Key items within the agreement include creating and supporting training for the maintenance and repair of e-bikes and e-scooters, supporting training and workforce development for the micromobility industry, and building the knowledge and capabilities of the local industry presence through special projects.

TAFE Queensland is proud to be the market leader for Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Queensland, working with Government and industry to develop the critical training needed to support Queensland's future workforces and economy. Funded by the Queensland Government’s VET Emerging Industries initiative, which sees $15 million invested in new skills and training strategies across identified emerging industry needs in the manufacturing, energy, agribusiness, and screen and digital sectors, the development and delivery of this pilot program is a clear demonstration of how TAFE Queensland is connecting Queenslanders with the work they want and supporting employers to grow stronger workforces.