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TAFE Queensland student survey 2018

The TAFE Queensland Student Survey 2018 is being conducted by Kantar Public, an independent market research company, on behalf of TAFE Queensland from 21 January 2019 to 17 February 2019.

The information provided through the survey is used to evaluate TAFE Queensland's performance and ensure the delivery of quality training programs.

TAFE Queensland provides training through the following TAFE Queensland regions:

  • TAFE Queensland - Brisbane
  • TAFE Queensland - Gold Coast
  • TAFE Queensland - South West
  • TAFE Queensland - East Coast
  • TAFE Queensland - SkillsTech
  • TAFE Queensland – North
  • TAFE Queensland – Online
  • TAFE Queensland - APTC

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You might have done some training at work or with another provider that is using TAFE Queensland to provide the qualification. This could be a short course such as First Aid or professional development lasting a few hours or days or a longer qualification relevant to your industry.

Your email address is collected when you enrol with TAFE Queensland. You can change your details by contacting TAFE Queensland in your region.

Student and customer feedback is highly valued and used to evaluate TAFE Queensland's performance. If you have any objections to being contacted please advise your local campus and request your disclosure approval be changed on your personal details.

You can only log in using the log in information sent to you in the invitation email. You cannot use someone else's log in. If you still can't log in please contact Kantar Public at

Your survey will automatically ask you to complete a survey for one of the TAFEs in which you were enrolled in 2018. It will also identify the program which we are seeking feedback about.

Your survey will automatically ask you to complete a survey for one of the TAFE courses in which you were enrolled in 2018. It is this program that we are seeking your feedback.

You are still welcome to complete the survey if your actual enrolment was due to finish in 2018 but you completed your studies earlier.

For more information please contact the Office of the Chief Academic Officer.