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Healthy Relationships program

The Healthy Relationships program is an initiative of YWCA Queensland and TAFE Queensland. Its purpose is to educate our students about developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

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Our partnership

YWCA Queensland and TAFE Queensland partnered to develop an online domestic and family violence prevention initiative that combined our expertise and resources. YWCA Queensland led the content and TAFE Queensland the online learning design and development.

Our vision was to develop an engaging, interactive online program with original content as well as a collection of existing resources. We aimed to promote respectful, responsible and happy intimate relationships.

The result was the Healthy Relationships program.

Student support services

Everyone's journey is different and sometimes you need some extra support. We're here to help. Our student support services are available to all our students, making your learning experience just that little bit easier. 

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Program information

Information for current students

YWCA Queensland and TAFE Queensland are committed to the prevention of family domestic violence and violence against women. Developed collaboratively, the Healthy Relationships program is interactive and engaging. You can navigate through the content in your own time.

The program will teach you to recognise the signs of domestic violence and to adopt appropriate responses. You will also gain knowledge and understanding to empower yourself and make positive change in your own life.

TAFE Queensland believes that this program assists in setting a standard of acceptable behaviours that come with being part of the TAFE Queensland community.

Student access

If you are over the age of 16 and not currently at school you will receive automatic access to the program. Once you have access you will also receive a confirmation email with a link to Connect and the Healthy Relationships program.

This is a free program for all eligible TAFE Queensland students.

You do not have to complete this program. However we encourage you look at the information and work through the content and activities. YWCA Queensland and TAFE Queensland believe that the Healthy Relationships program is important for the wellbeing of our community.

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Mitchell Hawley

There are two reasons I would recommend the Healthy Relationships program.

First, it gives you information you may not be able to find anywhere else.

Second, if you're ever put into an abusive situation it actually gives you numbers to call, people to see, and tells you what you can do.


Information for the community

TAFE Queensland is committed to delivering practical, industry-relevant courses. We provide employment pathways for students and a skilled workforce for industry.

Beyond our students, this program provides as an opportunity for us to help increase awareness of healthy and appropriate behaviours across all relationship types. TAFE Queensland recognises the power of education; education challenges beliefs and attitudes. We provide the knowledge and understanding to empower people to make positive changes in their lives.

Contact us today to find out how you can bring the Healthy Relationships program to your organisation.