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Genuine Student Criteria

Guidelines for writing your Genuine Student letter

As a crucial part of your application to TAFE Queensland, the Genuine Student letter plays a significant role. This document will be assessed against the Genuine Student Criteria.

Download the Genuine Student letter questions

The Genuine Student letter provides our Admissions team with insights into your identity, personal and professional circumstances, and the motivations behind your choice to apply to TAFE Queensland.
The Genuine Student Criteria encompass the following:

  1. Details of your current circumstances, including ties to family, community, employment, and economic circumstances.
  2. The reasons to choose your course and why Australia as your study destination.
  3. How you will benefit from studying your chosen course.
  4. Specifics of your study history in Australia (if any)
  5. If you are currently in Australia, holding a visa other than a student visa, you will need to provide reasons for applying for a student visa.
  6. Any other relevant information that you would like to provide to assist with your application.

Everything mentioned in the document should be properly supported and based on real information, including supporting documentation.