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The buzz: Vet student loan cap changes

VET Student Loans help eligible students pay their tuition fees. Sometimes this covers the whole cost, and other times a gap fee remains which you need to pay. For students with a census after 29 January 2020, the gap fee has either been reduced or removed for more than 30 courses at TAFE Queensland.

The low down on VET Student Loans

VET Student Loan is a loan from the Australian Government that helps eligible students pay their tuition fees. When you reach a minimum income threshold for repayment you will start paying this loan back through the Australian tax system.

The amount you can borrow for your tuition fees is set by the Australian Government. In most cases, there are three bands of VET Student Loan caps set for each course. But, your course may cost more than the cap. If this happens you will need to pay the difference, referred to as a gap, prior to your first census date. If you can't pay the gap fee upfront, you may be eligible for a TAFE Queensland payment plan to help cover the cost.

Essentially VET Student Loans help you start studying sooner, and let you pay it off later.

More about VET Student Loans

What's changing

The Australian Government has increased the VET Student Loan caps for select courses. Students with a census date after 29 January 2020 are set to benefit from the changes. This means that the gap fee has either been reduced or removed for more than 30 courses for eligible students at TAFE Queensland.

Where the gap fee has been reduced, you will have less to pay upfront or via payment plan.

Best of all, where the gap fee has been removed you will have no upfront tuition cost

Courses with gap fees reduced

For those interested in beauty, events, hospitality, health or trades, these courses now have reduced gap fees:

Courses with gap fees removed

If you're eligible to take on a VET Student Loan, the following courses across a wide range of study areas now have no upfront cost. 

Business, justice and management

Child care and community services



ICT, information and networking


Tourism and events


Eligibility conditions apply.