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Unlock your potential

If you’ve completed a certificate course through TAFE Queensland, you’ve already taken the first step towards achieving your greatness.

Whether it's following a passion, becoming your own boss, or finding more time to spend with your family, a certificate qualification from TAFE Queensland will set you on the path to the career of your dreams. But as your training draws to a close, you might be wondering what your next steps are. 

One great option is to continue your studies with a complementary course, higher-level certificate or diploma. While a certificate provides essential foundation-level skills, additional studies will help improve your career options and earning potential and can unlock pathways to university.     

Select your study area below to see what further study options are available to help you define your greatness. 

Enter the fast lane

If you’ve successfully completed a certificate course through TAFE Queensland and decide to enrol in a higher-level certificate or diploma in a related study area, you may be eligible for a credit transfer. This means that some of your certificate studies may count towards the higher-level qualification, saving you time and money and allowing you to level up your career sooner.

Kick start your career

One big benefit of continuing your studies after completing a certificate qualification is that you have the option to earn while you learn. With an industry-recognised qualification under your belt, you can start working and gaining experience in your industry while you continue your study journey.

Study your way

If you’re keen to keep studying but are wondering how to fit your studies around other work or family commitments, we have good news. We offer many of our courses via flexible study modes including part time and online, allowing you to continue your study journey no matter what your schedule is.

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Make it work for you

There are a range of scholarships, and state and federal government subsidies available that may help reduce the cost of your studies. Visit TAFE Queensland’s funding eligibility calculator to see what you could be eligible for. You may also be able to apply for a TAFE Queensland payment plan or government-funded VET Student Loan which will allow you to pay off your course fees gradually in instalments.

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Seize your opportunity with Fee-Free TAFE

The career of your dreams is within reach thanks to Fee-Free TAFE funding. Follow your passion and choose from over 90 industry-recognised courses. With a wide range of skill sets, certificates and diplomas available, now’s the time to get job ready in 2023 with Fee-Free TAFE.

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Celebrating 140 years of education and training

In preparation for our 140 year celebrations, we are asking for everyone’s help to showcase the important role TAFE has played in Queensland throughout our proud history.